Just a few words about me.  I have been taking photographs for a very long time.  I started with 35mm film and have explored 2 1/4 as well as 4×5 sheet film cameras.  I transitioned to Digital once I was satisfied the digital images were comparable in both color and depth of image.  I am very happy shooting with Canon DSLR cameras.  I try to shoot for the best image I can.  I am not a fan of photo-shopped images.  I do not alter the images with the exception of minor cropping.  I do not have a problem if you wish to take an image and photo-shop it.

I was asked who are my photography heroes:

  • Steve McCurry for his photojournalism.
  • Edward Weston for his large format photography.
  • Eric Lafforgue for his single subject images.
  • Andreas Gursky for his neat and organized images.

There are many more photographers whose work I admire.

I believe that taking pictures should be fun for those being photographed.

I currently use Canon T6s with a variety of lens. The Canon T6s is a high quality crop sensor digital single lens reflex (DSLR).

I am available for a variety of events: parties, award ceremonies, backyard weddings, political headshots, kids parties, receptions, chamber events, community events and etc. When at these and other events, I have no problems with those that I photographed, handing me their cell phones/cameras, so I can give them a special memory that they can share.

I have found for the most part, my images do not normally need to be photo-shopped, maybe a little tweak or cropping, so I can provide a very quick turn around of the digital images.


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